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  • Book Name: Tori
  • Author Name Dale Mayer
  • Product Type Book
  • Item Publish Date 2018 / 11 / 08

Hurt and betrayed by the man she thought was the love of her life, Tori Chandler goes into hiding to heal from too many soul-deep hurts to deal with otherwise. But Devon has bigger reasons for seeking her out than giving her an apology that he’ll be the first to admit she deserves—and then some. He needs her help to save the people in their town of Little Glory, trapped behind a strange energy pattern.

As an energy worker dedicated to preserving planet Glory’s energy resource in its forests that all life is dependent upon, Tori isn’t in the position to turn her back on those in need. She agrees to help Devon, only if he promises to stay out of her life for good once the job is done.

Devon gives Tori the promise she needs, without any intention of honoring it. He made a mistake that he regrets. Nevertheless, if Tori allows him back into her life for any reason, he aims to prove he can be everything she needs from now on.

The disruptive energy pattern found in too many places near Little Glory proves to be not only a cause for concern but also the start of something even more sinister. If so, that hints either Devon nor Tori, whether together or separated, or anyone else on the planet for that matter, will have a future.

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