Bundle Collection Book 4-6 of the Family Blood Ties Series. A novel by the USA Today's Bestselling Author Dale Mayer

Family Blood Ties Book Bundles 4-6

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Sixteen-year-old Tessa comes from a family of ancient vampires with powerful abilities, but she doesn't seem to have inherited anything exceptional. An Old World vampire faction is developing underground blood farms, where humans are placed in permanent stasis so the vamps will have a steady feeding source. To right this horrible wrong, Tessa must tap into her own dormant genetic abilities…or die trying.

Book 4: Vampire in Deceit

Teenage vampire Tessa wages war against her own kind in order to protect those she loves…

Even at the risk of endangering his own life, human Jared refuses to leave family and friends to their fate at the blood farm a violent faction of vampires is developing. He has allies fighting alongside him. But are they who he thinks they are, or will trusting them prove to be the worst mistake he's ever made?

Book 5: Vampire in Defiance

Moltere's Mountain is on the verge of collapse with teenage vampire Tessa, her friends and family still inside. Human teenager Jared has led an army into the mountain to help him against Old World vampires intent on enslaving the human race as a feeding source. But the allies he's enlisted view the annihilation of all vampires--not just the bad ones--as the only recourse to put an end to the war.

Book 6: Vampire in Conflict

Getting back into the groove after the war she and her friends intercepted proves to be impossible for teenage vampire Tessa. Her only source of light is her boyfriend Cody.

Healing isn't any easier for the human Jared. All around him are people who can't seem to recover. David wants to help Jewel more than anything…even if it means undertaking something he knows will shatter their newfound peace.

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What other readers are saying...


SEALS of Honor

I was completely enthralled from the beginning, on the edge of my seat and hanging onto every word with unforgettable characters, suspense, action, mystery, twists and turns in this can't-put-down book.

Pamela R. Mitchell

What a truly delightful series this is, so refreshingly

Wendy S. Hodges

Psychic Vision

Deep Beneath - I really think this is one of the best stories. It has a little bit of everything suspense, intrigue, pulse pounding action, mystery and romance. I could not put this
story down.

Paula Hockenberry

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