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A USA Today Bestselling Book 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“I loved this book it was full of courage and entertainment as she manages to help herself 4 times before the seals ever show up. “ – Amazon Reviewer

Brave, badass warriors who serve their country with honor and love their women to the limits of life and death. In a dangerous profession where it's kill or be killed, Mason undertakes the dirty jobs others would rather not do--and invariably don't possess the skills he does to get done right. While on an assignment, he's single-minded in his dedication and focus. When he's not, this warrior plays as hard as he fights. The last thing he anticipates is meeting the one woman he wants but can't have…and equally can't forget.

Tesla, a software designer, lost her brother in combat. Getting close to another man enlisted in the military is something she refuses to do. In her quest to save other United States soldiers from her sibling's tragic fate, she's created a computer program capable of saving lives. When other countries find out about the program, her good intentions are met with hostility and greed.

They won't stop until they get their hands on it, and damn anyone who gets in the way. Realizing she's in danger, Tesla turns to Mason, the only man who might be able to save her--the very one she doesn't dare fall in love with…


It was a shitty day to die. And sure as hell wasn’t on his damn list of things to do when he got up this morning.

But with a gun pointed right at him by an old asshole he’d been tracking, shit happened in its own time. Including in the jungles of Mexico.

Lieutenant Mason Callister slowly straightened, his hard gaze unwavering on his foe’s face. “Daniel Hardesty. Nice to see you again.”

The grin on Daniel’s face was enough to make most men cringe. But Mason wasn’t most men. And he cringed for no one.

Least of all this guy. Daniel had washed out during BUD/S training. Hell week had kicked his butt and had kept on washing his sorry ass all the way back home. The two men had been friends once. But not making it through the worst week of his life had left a bitter taste on Daniel’s lips. He’d finished his time and walked away from the military first chance he had.

It happened that way for some people. Not everyone could handle failure. For some defeat ate a bitter corner into their psyche where it festered.

He’d never have thought that would be Daniel’s path, but Hell week changed a man. For better or for worse. For Mason, it was that tilt of the hat that said he could handle anything. He’d already known it but having that added to his life achievements, well there’d been no feeling like it before or since.

Apparently, failing had an effect on Daniel for the same reason. He’d quit and gone to the other side – a mercenary for anyone with enough money to pay for his services.

“It’s nice to see you too, Mason,” Daniel said affably. “Especially as you’re looking down the end of my gun.”

With a slight nod of his head, Mason gave him the point. Not that anyone was keeping score. “And the woman? Where is she?”

Daniel’s grin widened. “Not your problem.”

“Maybe not, but she is going to be your problem.”

“I see you know her.” Daniel slapped a hand over his cheek and slowly rubbed the long red scratches visible between his fingers. “That damn woman is a pain in the ass. She deserves everything coming to her.”

Mason’s insides iced over. There were a lot of reasons for a woman to fight so hard she’d scarred Daniel – and none of them were good. “Being sold to the highest bidder? Really? She deserves to be kidnapped? Beaten?” There would be worse treatment for her too, both men had seen too much of it. Neither needed to bring it out in the open.

“She’s developing new military tracking software. And she won’t share it.” Daniel shrugged. “So what does she expect?”

She expected her country to protect her. And Mason had no intention of failing. “So, she’s alive?”

“So far. If she doesn’t give over well, you know how it is.” Daniel tilted his head as if listening for something.

Mason did indeed. “Waiting for someone?” he asked casually.

“Not you. You’re a dead man and she’s going to be picked up in about…thirty minutes.” He glanced down at the watch on his wrist.

That was just about enough time. Mason hoped.

A hawk cried, the large bird presumably circling overhead. Mason made as if to look up but kept an eye on Daniel. Sure enough Daniel looked up to search for the bird. He’d gotten slack. Cocky.

That was all the time Mason needed. He dove forward, grabbed Daniel’s leg. The gun went off, but he’d lost his aim as he went down. Mason didn’t waste any time, he took Daniel out in seconds. The unconscious man lolled beside him as Mason quickly gave a responding hawk call in return. Hawk, one of the men on his team, had taught them all how to imitate the powerful birdcall. Now they used it to signal between the six team members.

His men separated from the trees around them. Daniel never had a chance but he hadn’t known it. Typical.

“We need to find her. We’ve got thirty minutes before she’s to be picked up.”

As silently as they moved out of the trees, they slid back into the forest. They knew Tesla Landers was here somewhere close by. And her time was running out.

Mason secured Daniel, resisting the urge to kill the bastard for hurting the woman, but he was too valuable to kill. They needed the intel he had.

Someone would swing by and pick him up in a few minutes.

Now for Tesla. She came first.

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 “We have two minutes then we’re off again.”

She didn’t waste the energy nodding. Two minutes wasn’t enough time to catch her breath and respond.

At the two-minute mark, she was hauled to her feet and dragged on another marathon through the bush. Why? If he’d been able to rescue her, why wasn’t he able to get her picked up and shipped out to safety?

When he shoved her down behind a log, she knew she wasn’t getting up again.

Not willingly. She closed her eyes and willed back the tears of exhaustion.


“You okay?” That low deep note of concern had her opening her eyes and lying.

“I’m fine,” she whispered.

His smile of appreciation warmed the coldness inside. When his grin widened, flashing his white teeth, and he whispered, “Good, let’s go again,” she groaned.

“Once more,” he promised, helping her over the log they’d been hiding behind.

She didn’t believe him but forced her legs to move. But instead of a run they stumbled. Instead of landing softly they came down hard, stilted. He reached out a hand. She put hers in it, loving the way his hand, fingers closed over hers as if he could impart some of his strength, his endurance to her.

Maybe she was gaining strength from him as her feet seemed to cooperate better, and she could pick up the pace. When they stopped the next time, she slid in a weak heap to the ground. She huddled up into a ball and closed her eyes.

When had she last hurt like this? Had she ever hurt so badly? She didn’t think so.

Her rescuer crouched beside her and said, “We’re waiting for a pick up. Should be in ten minutes.” His voiced deepened. “We’re in Mexico and need to get across the border fast.”

She lifted her face to his and wanted to cry. Mexico? Oh no. She wanted to be home. Away from this nightmare. Were they driving out? Flying out? By donkey? Maybe she didn’t want to know. But whatever method she wanted to go now.

His finger stroked down the side of her cheek. “You’re doing just fine.”

“Doesn’t feel like it. Feels like you ripped my ribs out and made me walk on them,” she muttered.

His grin widened. “You got spunk. I like that.”

She rolled her eyes. That was a first. She’d been called a lot of things but never spunky. Brainy, nerdy, geeky. Yeah, they had all been tossed at her head a time or two but not in a complimentary way. And never making her spine quiver at the banked emotion in a man’s voice.

It was almost as if he was proud of her.

She wasn’t proud of her. Good Lord she knew she’d start crying at the drop of a hat and look at the shit she’d gotten into. Her dad would have kicked her ass good for this mess. He wasn’t going to be pleased when he found out. Then again, he wouldn’t have anyone to blame for what happened to his only child and that would bring up his anger too.

She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She had to survive. For his sake and hers. He’d already lost one child. He wouldn’t survive losing another.

“No energy for spunk,” she whispered, her throat so dry it hurt to talk.

A water bottle was shoved into her hand. Her eyes opened, lit up with greed.

She tilted it and took a long drink.

“Don’t drink too much. It will be hard on your stomach,” he warned.

Instantly she stopped but she didn’t want to. She had to hand the bottle back before she drained the rest of it on him. As it was, the bottle was less than a third full. He must need some too. “Sorry, I should have left you more.”

“There’s enough. Rest now. You’re almost safe.”

He squeezed her shoulder before settling down beside her. She closed her eyes and rested. Only the sounds of the forest filtered inside her mind. The wind gently floated through, plucking a leaf here and there off a branch, picking up dead ones off the ground and tossing them in the air. But there were no birds. No squirrels. No wildlife.

Just her rescuer.

“What’s your name?”

“Mason, ma’am.”

She winced. “I’m Tesla.”

“Nice to meet you, Tesla.”

At the teasing quality in his voice, she tilted her head and opened her eyes. To find his head inches from her shoulder. In the faint moonlight she could see the thunderous frown, so at odds with his voice as he stared at her puffy shoulder. “What’s this from?”

“They injected me with something,” she whispered. “I think it was to knock me out, but whatever it was, my body didn’t think much of it.”

“It looks infected.” He smoothed a gentle finger over the puffy skin. She tried to hold back a gasp of pain, but he heard her. Of course he did. “It’s hot.”

She shrugged. “Of course.”

“Not good.” He rummaged around in his bag and pulled out some tiny tube of clear liquid and a small gauze. He cracked the tube and poured half the liquid on the wound. She gasped at the stinging pain. He poured the rest of the liquid on the gauze and placed it gently against the site. Somehow he had a medical tape in his hand and managed to wrap that around the gauze on her arm.

“That’s all I can do out here,” he said. “We’ll get you looked at as soon as we land.”

She nodded, staring in bemusement at the field dressing. Being an injection site, there wasn’t much that the gauze was going to do to help the situation, but it would help keep it clean. She leaned back and closed her eyes.

But couldn’t get comfortable.

“Isn’t it time yet?”

“Another couple of minutes.”

She shifted again. This was a horrible position. Everything ached. She couldn’t wait for a hot bath.

He tugged her toward him, so she was leaning against his shoulder and hips. Instantly she felt at home. Comfortable. She closed her eyes and nodded off to sleep.

What readers are saying:

A USA Today Bestselling Book 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"All books from Dale Mayer, including Mason, in the Seals of honor, are way above & beyond in quality and insight into the human psyche than most books I read. These people’s psychology is so real that every time you pick up one of her book, you pick up a friend." - Amazon Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Meeting this team of SEALS is one honor that I’m glad I didn’t miss because not only are they sexy, protective and deadly heroes but Tesla is one heroine that compliments Mason which really adds to the energetic feel of the story and I was held hostage by the story from the very first page and I can’t wait to read the rest of the teams books." - Amazon Reviewer

Whats included in the bundle:

            ✅Mason's Wish
            ✅ Bonus Content: The K9 Files: Ethan

What other readers are saying...


SEALS of Honor

I was completely enthralled from the beginning, on the edge of my seat and hanging onto every word with unforgettable characters, suspense, action, mystery, twists and turns in this can't-put-down book.

Pamela R. Mitchell

What a truly delightful series this is, so refreshingly

Wendy S. Hodges

Psychic Vision

Deep Beneath - I really think this is one of the best stories. It has a little bit of everything suspense, intrigue, pulse pounding action, mystery and romance. I could not put this
story down.

Paula Hockenberry

There is one guarantee with each book.

It will be a great read – each and every time.

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