Guilliam: Man Down Book 5 (Pre-Order)
Guilliam: Man Down Book 5 (Pre-Order)
Guilliam: Man Down Book 5 (Pre-Order)
Guilliam: Man Down Book 5 (Pre-Order)
Guilliam: Man Down Book 5 (Pre-Order)

Guilliam: Man Down Book 5 (Pre-Order)

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Guilliam watched his long-term relationship dissolve, and, to a certain extent, he understood it. He knew when the time was right, he would try again. He didn’t expect to see her immediately upon arrival at the hospital though, as he joined Jasper’s investigation team.

Janelle walked away from Guilliam to nurse her sick mother. It was supposed to be temporary, but the cancer was deadly, and Janelle now remains in the hospital room, knowing this is her mother’s last days. Finding out Guilliam was here helped, but knowing he was involved in something deadly had her feeling like she was being watched all the time.

It takes everyone to get to the bottom of this nightmare, but not before it gets way worse …

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