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Celeste Chandler hates to be last almost as much as she hates going home with her tail tucked between her legs. This time, she’s injured—her leg, not her pride. But none of that matters because she’s being stalked and going home may have been her worst idea yet. Whoever is after her also wants to destroy her sisters. The three sisters are the last in the line of Stargazers and, once they’re gone, there will be no one to care for their planet’s most valuable resource—the energy reserve—and the key to all life on Glory.

Matt has waited anxiously for Celeste to not only return to town but also to him. Given her position as an energy worker, he had no hope of tracking her down after she left. Only if she wanted to be found could she have been. He’d never expected she’d stay away for so long. He’s even begun to wonder if she’s ever planning on coming back.

But their planet is becoming unstable, and the only ones who can save it are Celeste and her two sisters. United, they have the power to fight the cloaked enemy in their midst and preserve all life on the planet. Apart, there will be no peace, no love…and no life for anyone.

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What other readers are saying...


SEALS of Honor

I was completely enthralled from the beginning, on the edge of my seat and hanging onto every word with unforgettable characters, suspense, action, mystery, twists and turns in this can't-put-down book.

Pamela R. Mitchell

What a truly delightful series this is, so refreshingly

Wendy S. Hodges

Psychic Vision

Deep Beneath - I really think this is one of the best stories. It has a little bit of everything suspense, intrigue, pulse pounding action, mystery and romance. I could not put this
story down.

Paula Hockenberry
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