Heroic Healing Novel

Let's turn your pain and suffering in love (and life) into a healing story that finally gives you the happy ending you have been waiting for - as well as more money to your bank account!

My name is Dale Mayer, an unkown writer that makes 7-figures yearly on fiction novels.

But it wasn't always like that...

Many years ago...

... my husband and I divorced and I was forced to support my kids and myself without any financial assistance. Putting food on the table was a daily challenge without even beginning to deal with the pain and loss each child was going through. All of this brought up my own trauma of losing my father when I was very young.

The stress was incredibly hard as was parenting 24/7 on my own. I started writing down my thoughts, my own sense of despair as I coped in my new reality. I did not start writing to make a lot of money, and honestly - I am far from an excellent writer. But, as I wrote down my daily thoughts, I started to create a story out of my pain - a new story. A story of joy and happiness and abundance.

The words were only for me to read. In fact, I never read the early stuff. Just writing it all down had done the job of releasing the heavy emotions from my psyche. Turning the words into a story was the same. The stories weren’t good - but they were healing. They gave me something to laugh about. Something to cry about. They gave me an avenue to release all the pain so I could heal.

I didn’t write for success, but write to heal and bring abundance to my family.

Many years later, this storyline has changed tremendously.

And when I look at the over 100 published titles of books I have written, I can clearly see that every trauma and problem I had in life, love and relationships, were healed through the amazing art of writing them out - and changing the ending to a happy one.

Now, I want to bring this as a healing tool for you as well.

Because I truly believe that the best storytellers out there, are the ones that have lived the story they are telling.

Do you hear the difference in the words I’m using. I don’t consider myself a writer - or an author. Technically I am both. But inside, from my heart I understand that I am a storyteller. I credit my editors with making sure all my work is technically correct. :)

With writing a book, you can access a healing process that has helped me and hundreds of thousands of others of readers, reveal and release old trauma and create a new and happy ending to broken relationships and problems.

And this is the reason I want to share my program with you, not to focus on the money, but to create a healing outlet that can inspire and transform your readers - as well as yourself.

Remember, anything that is strong enough to help you heal on your journey is strong enough to impact others on their journey. I write to clear my mind and soul, but after all this time I finally understand how that had the ability to help others heal too.

Daily I get comments on social media and emails from my fans who talk to me about how they love to crawl into my books for an escape from the world they live in. How they love reading about my characters and seeing themselves in the storyline. How it made it easier for them to go back to the world they live in more at peace, or with a happiness from being transported away even for just a little bit. Then, of course, there are subtle messages on personal growth and walking the high road that permeate all my stories. That’s because I believe in character arcs to match personal development. We are who we are - on paper and in real life.

I want to share with you the amazing world of book-writing, and after writing well over 100 books, many of them that have become USA Today Bestselling books, I can show you how you can turn your painful problems, particularly love and relationships issues, into a story that will help you heal and grow, into a bestselling book that can give you a great secondary or primary income - and if we’re lucky - help to heal someone else!

We can take publishing this book off the table as well. No one says you have to publish this book. In many cases, it’s best not too. This can be your story. One of release and pain that you want to bury forever and if done properly, release forever too. This story can be a source of healing, a memoir to share with your kids, friends or the world if you want. No pressure on my end. I’m not concerned with the publishing aspect of the story here - this is all about you. Healing through writing...

I used my books to heal, and the more I have worked on myself, the more abundance and love have actually come back into my life.

Writing is a powerful tool to heal old wounds that keep you stuck.

If you feel it’s time to let go of your old story, then this is a great opportunity for us to heal and inspire the world, together!

I always said: “The biggest dreamers become the best writers!”

So, if you find yourself daydreaming a lot about dialogs you wish were yours, relationships you never got to have, memories that are still hurting you, or future dreams and holidays or even scenarios you would like to experience - you already have a great storyteller inside of you, waiting to come out!

This process is not only about creating a bestselling book, but a special book that is a blueprint in your dreams, desires and challenges, so that you can release the old story, and create a new, happy ending - an ending that more often than not actually comes true when we start to write it…

Maybe you think that your life has been too messy to put into writing?

Well, I actually believe that the more pain and problems you have had in love or life, the better your book will be. Because, it will connect deeply with an audience that has faced similar challenges, and are also waiting for a new happy ending - and ending you can lead them into…

“I would love to do that. But I’m not technically a good writer.”

I’m not either.

I write the story and don’t worry about the copy and grammar mistakes. I write from the heart, not the ego. And my heart has it’s own power to express and reach the world.

I don't really care about making the perfect sentence, for me, it’s about the story - about getting my thoughts down on paper. I am a storyteller, an escape artist, not a sentence perfectionist.

And this is not about writing the perfect book, but to create the story that comes from heart. It’s about love, real challenges and problems, and a happy ending that will inspire you and your readers, on a small or large scale.

“If you write to share a story you deeply care about, then you will reach people. Don't write for money, write because it matters to you, because then - it will matter to someone else”

This program is about you embracing your story… coming home to yourself so that you are the owner and the captain if your own life, and the creator of your story going forward.

The level that your story exist at now, can change over the next weeks - in fact it will change as you go through this process. You can write from your own personal experience or if the story is too raw yet to access, then base it on a your family dynamics, your friends, or a stranger living your life. Want to write about another aspect from the world around you that hurts, or inspires you? Then do so. The possibilities are endless… So too is your potential.

In this program, you get to be the creator, the boss, over the entire narrative, and will feel the power of not being caught in the waves in the tsunami of life - but be the captain of the boat that actually rides the waves… guiding the ship of your life in the direction you want to go… controlling the end of each story. 

And that power and momentum is something I want you to bring into your own life… not as a victim of circumstances, a castaway in the storms that buffet you from side to side in life but as one who surfs on the surface, letting the pain and turbulence flow to the side as you become the creator of happy endings.

So we can all inspire more people to become the leaders of their own destiny. And that is why this program is called THE HEROIC HEALING NOVEL.

Please also know, you already living your healing story.

When you extend it out to the world, you are actually extending the healing properties to everyone else that is open to reading your story.

Once you write that story, you start to heal. Once you share that story, you help others to heal.

Please don't worry that your story is not worth telling, because if it hurts you in any way, it’s worth putting the words onto paper to release them and ease your own pain. If you are ready to let someone else read your story, know that there are always people out there finding the worth in your words and your world.

Help inspire this world and lift shame, suffering and bring hope with your light and your dreams,

It does not matter if it’s similar to other stories out there, because 10 different people can write the same story and if will come out 10 different ways and 10 different people will all be there needing to hear you story. The world needs to hear from you, needs to hear your healing words… your unique truth...

If you feel this is something that could be great for you and your future or existing tribe of readers, please join me in the...

The Heoric Healing Novel

Turn your suffering into a heroic story with a happy ending - and empower your inner heroine!  

A program that creates heroes and heroines…we need both in this world.

Together, we will create your primary character and draft her/his story, from problems problems problems to a happy, beautiful ending we all would want to live!

This program consists of the following elements:

  1. Starting Your Happy Ending: How to heal with your own inner soul through story.
  2. Opening the inner wounds to safely access the story that needs to be told
  3. Spewing versus first draft versus final draft
  4. Understanding the Mechanics: versus the heart of the story
  5. From Wounds to Wisdom: How to outline the story - or not (I don’t)
  6. Heroine Meets Hero: How to build the characters that others will love
  7. The Saggy Middle - and How to Skip It Entirely
  8. The 1 Day Challenge: How to write the first draft quickly (okay you won’t be writing a full story here, but to learn to tap your inner story)
  9. Self Publish Mastery: How to get it published (Self-published)
  10. Book Launch Formula: How to market it
  11. Your Reader Tribe: How to build your audience
"The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds." - Dalai Lama