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Nothing stays the same…

Since his accident Levi has been driven to find the men who betrayed him. Everything else is secondary. Now he’s recovered, started his own company, and he’s caught the scent of the last man on his list. Only to find the same man intends to finish the job he originally started – and kill Levi once and for all.

Ice has been at Levi’s side every step of his new journey – well almost. It’s the places where she hasn’t been that are the hardest. Her relationship with Levi is at a critical point. One wrong word and her hopes and dreams will be gone. They almost are now.

But she can’t resolve her love life until the man who forced change into their world is taken care of. Only he’s on the attack, and his target is right at the heart of everything that’s important to her, and to Levi.

They’ll have to move fast to stop the man who wants them both dead or they won’t have a future at all…

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This is a very enjoyable book in this series. It has wonderful strong, loyal, smart characters (both male and female) and a great story with great suspense and excitement. Very entertaining! (I have read this book twice.)
S.R. Lewis
Amazon Reviewer
I find myself cheering out loud as they kick butts. I find myself reading her books and then within a week, rereading the book (Levi's Legend is no exception).
Kathy J. Byars
Amazon Reviewer
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