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A journey of exploration…
A journey of healing…
A journey of love…

Two people are forced by circumstances into a therapy class to help them deal with their problems. They are strangers. Forced to be partners. Naturally opposites.

Kane is dealing with anger of betrayal at the deepest level, needing to find his way back to forgiveness. Tania is a previous rape victim hoping to deal with her fear of intimacy so she can have a loving relationship.

Tania’s medium of expression – her camera.

Her subject – the human body – Kane’s physical body.

Looking through the lens of a camera, she learns to find beauty and compassion … and the strength to find wholeness … with him.

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This story is deeply moving and inspirational, though fiction I can imagine treatment similar in real life therapy groups. I found the book really good, complex and very easy to identify with. Believable plot and handled in a sensitive and understanding way.
Wendy S. Hodges
Amazon Reviewer
I loved this book. It was beautiful watching both characters heal themselves and each other. I totally recommend this book!
Batman's Mistress
Amazon Reviewer
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