Release Date: July 7, 2023

With funding problems a nagging issue and completely overshadowing his stay at Hathaway House, Timothy finds it hard to do anything but drive himself forward as fast and as hard as he can—even against doctor’s orders. But he wants to make the most of his time here, and knowing his stay could be rescinded at any moment is an added stress he doesn’t need.

Savannah became a doctor to help people. Her parents were delighted, until she decided that Hathaway House suited her perfectly. Her parents felt she’d shortchanged herself, had taken an easy career instead of a prestigious one—that she wasn’t driven enough to make a success of her life. Maybe they were right, but she was happy, and surely that should count for something.

Seeing Timothy push himself to the extreme, as she gently tries to help him destress, brings up fears on both sides and also a need to help each other find that so-necessary balance in life—and maybe, with luck, find each other.

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