Simon Says… Run

Release Date: October 11, 2022

Simon Says… Run, book 5 in a brand new thriller series by USA Today bestseller author Dale Mayer.

Some cases are clear-cut and make sense, and then there’s this one. Two women, avid joggers, out for a hard Stanley Park Fun Run. Both dead. Both at the same time. Both on the popular park trail. rail running up and down hills dodging rocks and trees is rough, sometimes deadly. But this killer has a unique method for taking out his victims—one that doesn’t leave any forensic evidence.. Detective Kate Morgan focuses on the victims, … until two more are killed.

Awakening in the night with horrible nightmares, Simon St. Laurant curses his life and hates having ever traveled down this strange pathway, particularly when the visions come out of nowhere. This case, though, involves a much more personal element that terrifies him.

As Kate gets closer to finding out the truth, she finds herself following the path to becoming the next victim.

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