Inked Forever

Release Date: July 11, 2023

Tasmin’s business isn’t for everyone. Yet she recognizes the value she offers for grieving families. Still, the subject isn’t something most people are willing to talk about. However, over time, her business has grown through word of mouth—much to the horror of her family.

Until a detective walks in, inquiring about a piece that had been stolen overnight. This is the first inkling she has that someone is out to destroy her business. Unfortunately it won’t be the last …

Detective Hanson MacGyver isn’t sure what to make of Tasmin, yet he understands the need for licensed morticians. However, how she got into the process of preserving tattoos for grieving family and friends is something he has never seen before and isn’t comfortable with. Live and let live works for him as a motto, but, when her works in progress start showing up in public locations and not in a good way, he knows they have someone who hates what she is doing … or hates the owners of the tattoos.

Something’s off about the whole mess. And that’s just on the surface. When both Tasmin and Hanson dig deeper, a whole lot more is going on underneath. And none of it is normal or nice …

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