Family Blood Ties Book 7-9

Release Date: November 30, 2016

Sixteen-year-old Tessa comes from a family of ancient vampires with powerful abilities, but she doesn’t seem to have inherited anything exceptional. An Old World vampire faction is developing underground blood farms, where humans are placed in permanent stasis so the vamps will have a steady feeding source. To right this horrible wrong, Tessa must tap into her own dormant genetic abilities…or die trying.

Teenage vampire Tessa hasn’t had a chance to take a breath with her boyfriend Cody after the war the two of them and their human friend Jared prevented when her life again plummets into chaos. Her father is missing, her mother seems about to go off the deep end, and David has also disappeared, seemingly of his own volition. With her world plunged into fresh madness, Tessa finds herself again leading the charge.

When teenage vampire Tessa’s existence exploded and she was forced to figure out how to survive Deanna’s dark inheritance, she comes out the other side seeing more, hearing more, understanding more about herself and the world.

Tessa’s boyfriend Cody doesn’t like what’s happening to the girl he loves. Even as she tells him she has to face the darkness alone, he’s determined to stand steadfastly by her side…whether she wants him there or not.

Teenage vampire Tessa is caught in a web of Deanna’s cruel making, forced into an alternate reality she isn’t sure where she fits into or how to escape. In a maze of lies and deceit, the path to a safe haven is shrouded, how close she is to the door out impossible to see from any distance. Survival may depend on newly awakened powers Tessa isn’t sure she can control.

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