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Taking back the man who broke her heart once before would be colossal mistake…so what could possibly convince her to dare do such a thing?

Tattoo artist Jazz Lawrence finds herself embroiled in a series of murders in which the only connection between them is a tattoo of her own design. One of the dead men may also be the brother of an old lover Jazz is desperate to forget.

Motorcycle enthusiast Morgan Chancellor would be the first to admit he’s made a lot of mistakes, but the monumental one was walking out on Jazz on the basis of lies he’d foolishly believed. He’s had the blues since he realized his stupidity and lost his one chance at happiness.

With bodies piling up and falsehoods unraveling, Jazz and Morgan find themselves back together again and the only truth is the one that may be the hardest of all to believe. Like the freedom of a bike and the open road, love never dies…

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I have read several books from this author, and this is probably my favorite collection so far. The story moves very quickly. I love all of the characters. They are all well developed, and each are very easy to relate to.
Amazon Reviewer
As always Dale Mayer manages to weave a fantastic story with a mix of suspense, intrigue and love. The characters are realistic and very loveable.
Wendy S. Hodges
Amazon Reviewer
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