Eyes to the Soul – up for pre-order

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Hi everyone, Stefan’s story – Eyes to the Soul is now available for pre-order!!! Just because a person can see – doesn’t mean they should look. Celina Wilton was technically blind, a state she wasn’t very happy about. In her case, the alternative was worse. So she’d learn to adapt, one way or another. Stefan Kronos […]

Broken Protocols 3.5 – A Christmas story!

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And it’s live! Another short fast but fun read. Charmin Marvin gets Christmas!This is book 2 in the Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy Series. These books are novella length. When Charmin Marvin wonders when Christmas Day would be in their new time frame, he sets events in motion no one could have expected. Dani and Charmin lost a […]

Romancing Christmas

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Romancing Christmas

This collection of wonderful Christmas stories contains: BROKEN PROTOCOLS 3.5 by Dale Mayer SHADES SERIES: SHADES OF HOLLY by H.D. Thomson A SEASON FOR LOVE by Chantel Rondeau CHRISTMAS HOPE by Leslie Lynch A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE by Sandy Loyd SALTY CARMEL CHRISTMAS by Barbara Lohr HEATING UP THE HOLIDAYS by Marcia James INSANITY CLAUS by […]

Romancing Christmas is live!

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This is a wonderful collection of shorter Christmas stories to make you smile! Just released yesterday, this bundle is already #1 in Holiday Romances! It’s available here: Amazon: http://bit.ly/RomXmaKobo: http://bit.ly/1w0b2pDiTunes: http://bit.ly/1FMogdJBarnes: http://bit.ly/1wuTmjW

Vampire in Conflict is here!

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The blood farm is gone. Those behind it have either died, been caught, or are onthe run. Time to return to the real world. Only normal life isn’t quite what Tessa expected. Good thing, because there is no ‘normal’ anymore. She’s different. Her family is different. Her friends are different. The world around her is different. […]

Skin is here! A special new release!

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Skin is a special book for me – I hadn’t expected to write this story but Kane and Tania’s story needed to be told! BLURB A journey of exploration… A journey of healing… A journey of love… Two people are forced by circumstances into a therapy class to help them deal with their problems. They are strangers. Forced […]

Dare to be You… A special collection release!

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Dare To Be You… is a collection with Vampire in Denial, In Dangerous Designs and has a preview of In Cassie’s Corner. It’s FREE – everywhere! AMAZON, B&N, iTunes, Kobo, Google Play.

USA Today List!!!

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There are just some events in life that deserve screaming at the top of your lungs – at least for me! And today one of them happened. Myself and 10 other authors of the Romance Super Bundle II: Second Chances hit the USA Today list at 136!!!! I’m stoked and so very pleased for all […]

New Release!

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Broken Protocols #3 is now available! This is the third book in the Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy series! Dani and Levi Blackburn have slid from being in trouble to borderline hell… They uncover hints of a dangerous conspiracy permeating the very foundation of their society. And people are disappearing, one by one… If it weren’t for Levi’s […]