Promo, deals and more promo

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This week has been crazy for me.  Honestly. I’m not one who likes doing promo but sometimes it’s necessary and with the release of Knock, Knock… and the sale of the first three books – I’ve done more than ever.  This time I’ve done things like a podcast, a twitter party, a twitter interview, an I actually have a book trailer this time – it’s just not finished. lol.

But I’ve also found various gems of places to advertise.

Free Books Daily – is one in particular that allows readers to sign up for  a newsletter that will direct them to special sales, deeply discounted books, freebies. They also offer advertising opportunities for authors to promote their own books.  I know this is becoming a popular way to attract readers, and we CAN become inundated with emails, but I found his newsletter easier to view than some.

From their website – Here at Free Ebooks Daily, we post up to 10 free and bargain kindle eBooks on a daily basis! If you want to get free books for kindle sent directly to your inbox. Become a member for FREE!

I actually have been getting newsletters from them for a while. Just never thought to advertise until now. I gave them a try – because…well, why not! I was doing so much else already, so went ahead and did an ad with them for my 3 in 1 bundle that’s on sale this week for 99 cents (Grab it while you can!!) Next week my latest release Knock, knock… will be his Book of the Week!  The results won’t be in for awhile yet, but my ad is still visible – which I appreciate the exposure and not 20 ads uploaded so fast the one you paid for is already dropped to the bottom of the page.

As the company is smaller and newish, their prices are cheap for advertising.  

And I have to admit, an added bonus is Eric has been easy to work with on both sides of the bookstore.

So if you are looking for another place to consider or want to check out his book lists, or even get it delivered to your inbox, check out Free Kindle Books.