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Hi everyone,

I just found out that Touched by Death, my thriller/ RS book has made it to round 2 of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest in the Mystery/Thriller category. It was one of 400 selected – out of 10,000 – to advance to the next round!


My friend and fellow author, Edie Ramer also made the cut for her book Miracle Pie, in the romance category!

Yay for Touched by Death!

Touched by Death 200x300Death had touched anthropologist Jade Hansen in Haiti once before, costing her an unborn child and perhaps her very sanity. 

A year later, determined to face her own issues, she returns to Haiti with a mortuary team to recover the bodies of an American family from a mass grave.

Visiting his brother after the quake, independent contractor Dane Carter puts his life on hold to help the sleepy town of Jacmel rebuild. But he finds it hard to like his brother’s pregnant wife or her family. He wants to go home, until he meets Jade – and realizes what’s missing in his own life.

When the mortuary team begins work, it’s as if malevolence has been released from the earth. Instead of laying her ghosts to rest, Jade finds herself confronting death and terror again.

And the man who unexpectedly awakens her heart – is right in the middle of it all.