Update on books, just released, in progress, and upcoming

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Hi everyone,

It’s been awhile since I updated everyone on what’s new and what’s upcoming – or even just what’s happening. The last couple of months have been crazy! It’s also not going to change for at least a month. :) I’ve had two new releases in the last month. Deadly Designs, book 2 of the Design series, and Gem Stone, a single title release, potentially book 1 of a new series.

I’m getting ready for the release of Garden of Sorrow early in December. And that will be a huge relief! I love these books, but they are…twisted :)

And what am I writing? I’m writing book 5 in the Psychic Vision series – with a working title of Snapshot. And I’m writing Vampire In/By Design, which is book 3 in the Family Blood Ties series.

If that’s not enough, I have a trilogy of Romantic Suspense, backlist books, in the rewrite stage. I’ve pushed the release of the trilogy back until I can get a handle on the current work load. Still they deserve to see the light of day…and will…when I can find the light!

Until next time…